Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Presentation, Part-Dieu and a very Englandish day

I was very nervous this morning because today was the day of my first presentation in French, not counting the many tables rondes that I have done in Birmingham. Yesterday we paired up and were given a list of cultural places in Lyon. Each pair chose a place to research and today we all had to give a short presentation on our chosen place. My partner was an American girl called Tess, who incidentally is also the person I have spoken the most French with. We did our presentation on a place called Le Théâtre des Célestins. Overall I think it went well, and this theatre is now on my list of places that I want to visit while in Lyon. After that, my day went downhill by a long way - I got absolutely SOAKED walking back from uni, because I had only gone out in a T-shirt and trousers and taken my umbrella because it was raining when I left. I wasn't expecting it to turn into a torrent! My feet got drenched because I was wearing open shoes, and my bag also got wet. So when I got back I had to take everything out. Great. Just fantastique! It feels like England today! How depressing. I then changed my shoes and put my raincoat on, and Helen and I went to Part-Dieu to meet up with the rest of Birmingham's Lyonnaises. We had a good wander around the shopping centre and traipsed around Carrefour for ages. I finally managed to find a colander. No longer will I have to use a slotted spoon to drain things. HALLELUJAH!!!! And now I am being incredibly sad and watching French and German Disney movies on YouTube. Well, c'est la vie, as they say over here!

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