Thursday, 2 September 2010

One very exhausting day.

Today was my first official day on my language course at Université Lyon 2. I had 2 hours of lessons this morning and in the afternoon we visited the Institut Lumière, which is a museum about the Lumière brothers, who invented cinema in the 17th century. It was really fascinating and our guide was really good. He had a funny lisp and was really excited about everything, but he was a bit weird because he would pronounce some words by separating every single syllable. I don't know whether he does that to everyone or whether he knew that we weren't French/thought that our French wasn't good enough. What I didn't understand was if this museum was so fascinating then WHY were a certain silvery haired Birmingham professor's lectures on French film so incredibly boring? After the museum visit we all went our separate ways. I went off with some Canadians and a couple of Germans to get a drink and we sat by the Pont de l'Université where there are a couple of skate bowls, to watch some kids on bikes and scooters do tricks. Some of them were doing really cool things! At 5:00 there was a welcome outside the university, where there were French style canapés and macaroons and things. I tried a couple of things with salmon and a weird bread-like thing. The macaroons were lush, and I tried a weird looking jelly/cake type thing. I asked somebody what it was and she said it had rum in it! I thought it tasted a bit boozy! I stuck around for a while, mingling with different people, and then after most people had left, I went to SFR to try to change my phone contract. But they still wouldn't let me change it because I had my bank details on a piece of paper but they wouldn't accept it, they said I had to have a card, which I don't have yet. I sure hope my French bank hurries up and sends it to me!
I am now absolutely shattered and my feet ache, so I will end this post here.

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  1. your so cute....i want some french macaroon aren't they sexiest things ever!!

    your biggest fan xx