Monday, 23 August 2010

3 days to go.

Oh. My. God. Just 3 days to go before I officially become a Lyonnaise! (That's a girl living in Lyon, for those who don't know!) I am getting more and more excited and more and more terrified by the minute. I spent most of today packing, and it is a nightmare. I swear, packing is the creation of the devil! It's all very well having a generous 23 kilo luggage limit on British Airways, but my wardrobe in Lyon is tiny, even smaller than the one I had at Victoria Hall! Oh well, an excuse to go shopping! I will be doing more packing tomorrow, because there are still things to pack but my case already weighs 16 kilos! Oh dear..... The next couple of days will be very busy indeed! We fly from Heathrow on Thursday at 3:55. Crunch time!

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