Thursday, 16 December 2010

Christmas time, going home at last!

Wow, it has been forever since I posted! The only reason for that is simply that nothing interesting has happened to me that's worth blogging about! Yeah my life is THAT exciting, lol. So other than working my butt off, I have had a visit from my mum and my auntie. We went to the Christmas market in Lyon, which is absolutely amazing! I've been to German markets before but this is totally different. There are all sorts of unique things on sale! Funnily enough I didn't buy very much, rather my mum and my auntie bought various presents for me! Among which are a Lyonnaise silk scarf (Lyon is famous for silk) and a silver necklace. I can't wait to get them! I turned 21 yesterday, yay! On Friday I went out for a meal to celebrate, and the lovely Claire Wilson came from Grenoble to see me! After the meal we went to La Fête des Lumières, which is an annual light festival in Lyon. The lights were absolutely stunning! Forget Paris, Lyon is the true City of Lights! The pictures are just a snipped of the fabulous lights!

I can't believe I have already been in Lyon for 4 months. The time has vanished! I am going home on Sunday and I cannot WAIT!!! There are so many things from England that I miss: my mum's roasts, and just my mum's cooking in general (I have no oven here, just a hob and a microwave, so my cooking skills are incredibly limited), having a big house - I get cabin fever really easily in this one room studio! I just miss England! But there are some things about France that I won't miss, for example strikes and annoying receptionists! Being back home will be lovely even though I'll only be there for 2 weeks. I can't wait to spend Christmas with my family! It's gonna be so different this year because it's my first Christmas without my grandparents. We used to have a tradition where my mum and my auntie would alternate hosting Christmas and my grandparents would stay with whoever was hosting. It would be wrong to continue that tradition now that both my nanny and grandpa have passed away. RIP, I miss you every single day. So instead we are going to a restaurant for Christmas dinner with my granny and my other auntie. It will be nice to do something different.
So that's it from me for now!